Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting it all together for the New Year

Currently I am prepping for the New Year and getting ready to get everything I will need to help with the upcoming year.

Some new changes, old things to finish and getting things orderly. Including my blog, which I have neglected.

I love the start of a New Year. Its refreshing and exciting.

Today I am getting my list together of all that I want to get accomplished. Hopefully I don't lose my mind in the process, but at least it will be a start.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whats that smell...

We have been having some crazy body odor from the boys... Ant who is 8 got in the car and I thought I was going to vomit! It was pure bad onion smell. He thinks its great and refuses to wear any deoderant other then Axe. Plus, he wants some Axe body wash also.I have no idea where he got this axe thing.

Then there is ty-ty. He has had a odor forever.. but the otherday at baseball I smelled his pits and oh my gosh - it was GROSS. Like a cross between mexican salsa and dirty shoes that had walked in gasoline. He has a odor anyway so I think the two collided under his arms. You can differentiate his pillow from ant and pj. It just seems like his little qwirk list gets longer everyday.

So here's some of his little qwirk list-stuff that just does not add up and not behavior. :)

acts funny when he's in the sun too long (photosensitivity??)

turns his feet in like a monkey

cocks his big toe while sleeping or at rest... I know I will have to post a pic

holds his thumb in hand

Cafe au lait spots -8 now. Started with 2

stellate irrides---the prettiest qwirk (starburst in iris)


I don't know how much it means, but its kind of funny.

Ok so take a look...

first- the eyes... this pic is when he got his first haircut almost 3 years ago, but really shows the lacy pattern in his eyes..

Next-- his hands.. here is a pic from birth and he still holds them like this.

But- my favorite is how sweet ty is.. he's giving me a kiss.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Reading my last post makes me realize how fast time has flown by... wow its April. The Easter Bunny soon will be coming by. Things are pretty much the same around here...with the exception of ....

I need to put the dots because its more like same story different day (such is life right). Ty is not on meds. I think he slept all day for the first two-three weeks and then was a mess. A Complete mess. The meds only lasted for 4 hours so he was knocked out, wide awake going crazy, knocked out and then waking at 4 am to start the day. So... we made a decision to go back to the basics.

First things first, he is on a casein free diet. This is helping a little - we are almost at week 3. I am slow to do the gluten also, but slowly I am eliminating it as well. The other kids like the coconut milk. Ty is only drinking water. But, we are getting a colored container to conceal milk for PJ and Ant. They are cool with the different milk taste tests.. I should post a future blog on that..

Next, the chair is hopefully coming. We have borrowed one for the weekend so I will take a pic. It really does work. He is testing of time outs and I have to hold him there- Still... (sigh). The only positive is that my arms are getting a great workout. But, the chair restrains him and prevents him from kicking, flipping the chair,etc. Over Christmas we used it and in 3 weeks he sat 3 times.. It was very nice- Its just they are expensive. He did sit in it for play time/mommy therapy with me too which is a plus.

Finally, we are going back to square one. Are we missing something? There is just too many unknowns... he has a new cafe au lait spot, he rubbs his eyes, he is super sensitive when outside, he stares off and other sensory complexities. We are headed to a new neurologist (we used our Tricare 2nd opinion), allergist (New), immunologist (New), etc.... just to name a few or I pray a place with a team... we are waiting a phone call from his PCM either today or tomorrow .

Its a waiting game- AGAIN. There just is too much that does not make sense. I am trying to focus on the fact that he is more like a two year old....but whats bad is that he has been like this for two years. I think I am just tired of the twos...

Some other new things we are trying is getting on a strict schedule, vitamins and picture activities. I use to keep a diary every time the behaviors were bad, but now its everyday. I don't know if it will help now, but maybe in the long run. The picture book is a lot of work to put together, but we are just working with one activity right now to keep busy (number puzzle).

So... positives-- he is back to his normal bedtime routine now. He gets to bed with bed, bath and book (if we did not read earlier). Mostly hes out in a few minutes when I say goodnight to PJ and Ant. We survived a breakfast at Cracker Barrell, we survived the zoo twice (barely), we made it at the acquariam and he rollerskated. He also does great with - haircuts, taking the trash out, emptying the washer and putting the wet in the dryer... to name a few. Plus, he's still the cutest red head I know.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Green Clean

Okay first off - I am in love with this cleaner and I love that I can customize my own scents.... I have used it on tile, my tables, granite counter tops, cook top, outside furniture,etc etc..

Here is the recipe..

empty 32 oz spray bottle

2cups water

1⁄2 cup distilled white vinegar

1teaspoon pure castile soap (peppermint is my favorite) --- Target has Dr. Brommers in the beauty section or Check out HEB, whole foods. Also vitamin shops

3⁄4 cup hydrogen peroxide

20 drops tea tree oil

20 drops of lavender or lemongrass essential oil (or your fav scent-- I like lemon eucalyptus)

A little goes a long way and it really cleans!!! No residue and smells fabulous.

Some new things that we are trying for our Ty Ty... there are just some really great days and days I think I will never get a thing done. I have decided to give the meds a chance, but I am still a little hesitant. Only because I know Ty is capable of good choices and needs to learn. With that said I realize I cannot jump into his little noggin and make the connections... so week one... some change in behavior and some of his regular naughty stuff.

I am a firm believer that it can be worse!!! I remember how badly we wanted him to sit, then crawl, then walk... I have mental lists of what things we want him to accomplish. But, its all going to happen in time.

For the first time we took him to the mall - without a stroller, leash,etc. He learned a kangeroo, alligator and now imitates them. He hates stripes!!! He is my fashion conscience child. He knows the color Black and white. He does not just high five, but high 10s!!! Its too cute.

I am also thrilled to have caring, compassionate people around me that get it. I could care less what miss priss at Target thinks when I am practicing with Ty...it sounds as though I am training a dog, but I am training Ty. He is getting so much better and has even recently survived a trip to Walmart- which stresses me out.

The moments that are funny--- he now says "dont worry we go to store"- if something spills, we are out of something or something is broken. Husker thinks thats from my side and I have to agree. He has also coined the phrase - "ah geez", "crazy" and "don't worry". which is frequently heard while driving with me. Pop-Pop Pete taught him "you funny" from Indiana Jones. Finally- he has finally named one of his dogs... We have 2 black labs, 2 mixed puppies and finally heidi (who appropriately looks like Husker's boxer).

Ant and Pj are so patient with him and we are definitly aware of how tough it is for them. The best thing we ever did was to make their rooms their rooms only. Ty ty has to stay out and they are able to shut their door. It makes for a much more peaceful environment and I do not hear can you come get Ty. They know to lock their door. At night they do not, but Ty is going to sleep,too.

Thats all for now... I need to finish this pocket chart...

Monday, January 26, 2009

A little absent!!

Wow -- lets see I have not blogged in way too long. Its just been super hectic. We moved, we had holidays, I had finals and alot of kid appointments. So...

Recently I haved joined two chromosome organizations which have helped in networking with people whose kiddos have rare chromosome abnormalities. While there is no perfect match for Ty, there are some very similar characteristics for other kids that are also missing pieces or have microdeletions.

Behavior has been the biggest hurdle. The lack of his speech is definitly making it harder for him to communicate and him understanding us. Recently, we brought pictures that are all about feelings. Only a few as he gets overwhelmed by too much. I have also gone back to trying to keep a diary on him.. I put what he eats, mark advances and put behavior that is good and bad.

So, speaking of his diet... well the nitrate thing. I am not a hot dog person and I rarely buy them. But, we love turkey bacon and turkey sausage. Nitrates are of course a main component. So, for now I will not buy turkey bacon.. until I can sort through all the internet info and research. I do see how his behavior is worse after eating the bacon and all processed meats. Is anything good for us these days? Where is the how to make your own bacon manual?

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Well, wow. Is all I can say. I have heard a supersad story that is just beyond me. A mom chooses to add to her family so now comes a baby. Super educated mom and dad with real income and experience in being parents. But, the sad part is that this mom is still at home with baby1 and the baby2 is in 12 hour a day daycare! I am for the need to have a break whether you work or stay at home. I also think a parent who works should not feel guilty about having to leave a baby. What do you say when neither of these apply? Thankfully Dad is there to drop off an pick up (they are not military either)and I will keep you posted on this.

Orignally I was going to blog about something else, but really this mommyille thing is where I am now. You know how the first time around everything is like the luvs commercial that says you start getting real.
You have rules like this
1. Everyone washes hands upon entering. You then wash hands before touching my little one and this will happen everytime. You also will get a squirt of anti-bacterial whenever I feel the need!
2. Absolutly no smoke smell on you, clothes, hair. Basically if you smoke just stay away from my baby.
3. When they are asleep do not ring my phone,door bell or anything else that could make noise.
4. Make sure anything that the baby wears is washed before putting it near the body.
5. Always wear a onesie whether hot or cold (I actually hated this one because it creates more laundry).
6. Sterilize everything and do not put it in the dishwasher because that would make life too simple.
7. Wear frumpy clothes because you will not leave the house anyway for fear of germs, kidnappings and other natural disasters.
8. Get ready to leave the house 2 hours before.
9. Pack everything in your diaperbag. Even things that baby will never use, but you just think its cute.
10. Never sleep when baby sleeps because you have other housework to be done.

Okay, so you know me people. This is not how i am with my kiddos. But, scary and true I was the above momma for all of 6 weeks. Then I got real. The only one that we kept because Mom-Mom insists that all babies wear onesies beneath their clothes until they are 2. ???????

Seriously though- I believe you need rules and a guide, but be human people. I think parenting is such a hard job, it needs to be serious and I know that everyone has different situations. I just don't get the rules we lay down. Why do we do it to ourselves? This is why I say get into a soap opera, 90210 or other "reality" shows. Take a breath and when you need help look to others that have been there. Even if its just to bounce an idea. If you want to vent then do not ask for help and then poo poo it away.

Its sad what we do to ourselves. You have to be strong for your kids and families. I love the saying- save the drama for your momma. If you want to complain then fine. But, please do not let the world suffer. Be tough and you can work through. I know that I learn and relearn this ALL the time. Plus, you are teaching very innocent eyes how to handle life. This is why when they are infants they say the baby can feel your stress.

Don't get me wrong ask Husker my silly rules that I now have now...ok here they are and you can laugh. I admit I am a weird rule making green girl.

1. Dog Leashes must be put up!!! A long story, but a definite danger for kids when they are playing dog because they can strangle themselves
2. Shut off and unplug everything. Save the Earth people.
3. Lock all bathroom doors so nothing gets flushed that is not suppose to go down the toliet.
4. No mismatched hangers and no wires.
5. Check the weather and get in the closet because a tornado is coming. (I don't think Dawn likes this one either because I would call to tell her,too.)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a week and PPCD news

All I can say is WOW. We all made it through the new routine. I am fully rested after falling asleep the second I got in bed. Pj and Ant love their classes. I am into my classes. Our house is on its way to being done and Husker survived the opening of football. As for Ty Ty, well he is happily going to our PPCD... this is Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities through our local school district.

Ty Ty could have gone last year, but he needed to wait. It was a mother's intuition thing. I just did not feel right about the leader. This year it is completely different. The teacher and program are a breath of fresh air. It turned out I was right about the feeling from last year.

Ty Ty loved it. We will still work on some of his transitions and I am making him a new flip ring for the car. He is super confused about what we are doing when we leave the house. He will say "school", "see houses", "cades house" or "anthony go"aka where did anthony go. So I have taken pictures to put on a ring. Then I will put them in order so he knows what comes next. I will post a picture of what it is later...

In other news... Our Barnes and Noble opened. We are taking a Saturday trip to get ink,drop the recycling off and Ant wants to turn in his books read this summer for a free book.